1. Job Office desk by Studio Job

    Job Office Desk has a drawer with a golden nose. My nose, my stekkerdoos


  2. Job Desk lamp by Studio Job


  3. AVL Shaker chair

    Joep van Lieshout’s design of the AVL Shaker furniture range is an homage to the so called 19th century Shakers in North Amerika.


  4. Job Buffet by Studio Job

    Job Buffet is a low cabinet with two doors, characterized by the giant golden key that turns the product into an ironic and surreal piece. 


  5. Job Cabinet by Studio Job was awarded the Wallpaper Design Award 2012 in London.

    Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, the chief designers at the Antwerp and Netherlands-based Studio Job, say their design reflects the fact that offices are looking more and more like home. Which explains the quirky touches such as the oversized bronze key and flexible shelving system. The result, say the Dutch duo, is a storage solution that is a ‘perfect symbiosis between industrial mass production and the personal object’.


  6. Job Cabinet by Studio Job

    Job Cabinet: As eye-catching and storage for office or home.


  7. Job Cabinet by Studio Job

    Job Cabinet is part of the collection of contemporary art and design by the French art institute CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques).


  8. Blaster chair by James Irvine

    It looks a bit like the nozzle of a rocket engine so I gave the chair the name “Blaster”.

    (Source: nlstudio.eu)


  9. Leather Vases by Madieke Fleuren

    A cool illusion. The vases look exactly like made of soft, supple leather; they are actually made of high-quality porcelain.

    (Source: nlstudio.eu)


  10. Job Cabinet; an archetype of the classical cabinet, designed by Studio Job, with a special twist. In the ingenious lock, which is fully visible on the left inside of the cabinet door, there is a huge key with an almost magical appearance.

    (Source: nlstudio.eu)